Welcome to the School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Our school houses undergraduate and graduate teacher education programs. We are committed to providing exemplary programs for teachers, supervisors, curriculum specialists, and other professionals pursuing careers in education.

News and Announcements
This year, TEAL is saying goodbye to several TEAL faculty members who will be greatly missed. Dr. Laura Foley & Dr. Deborah Byrnes retired from USU's School of Teacher Education and Leadership and both Dr. Ray Reutzel and Dr. Nicole Pyle are moving onto positions at other Universities. Dr. Reutzel to Wyoming and Dr. Pyle to San Diego. They will all be greatly missed. TEAL also said goodbye to several staff members at the end of the semester: Shelly Wiegand, Mary Bedingfieldsmith and Vesna Jenkins.
The Robins Awards are the most coveted of all Utah State honors. They reward students and faculty for hard work and dedication to their individual goals, as well as the goals of USU. The awards memorialize William E. Robins, a campus hero who had a rare quality to turn his vision into Utah State's vision. Robins was a Sigma Nu at Utah State who served as USU's student body president in 1949. He was the primary and initial visionary of today's Taggart Student Center. The Professional Advisor of the Year Award is given to recognize and emphasize excellence in academic advising. Shelley received this award at the Robins Award Ceremony on April 11, 2015 and TEAL congratulates her on this achievement and appreciates all she has done to help her students.
The secondary science students (as part of the methods courses) reviewed, revised, and taught four lessons at Bear River Charter School on electronic textiles and circuitry. Using backward design lesson planning, students developed middle school science content lessons regarding energy and circuits and used crafting and novel materials to provide students more authentic inquiry experiences. The culminating lesson, seen here in the pictures, shows middle school students working on their light up bracelets.