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Utah State Board of Education – Licensure Testing Update – July 2018

This document is intended to provide information to interested parties about upcoming changes to the required tests for Educator Licensure in Utah. Please share this information with all individuals at your institution who counsel licensure candidates as to the appropriate test for their program.


The following tests have been regenerated and have changed significantly enough that a new standard setting was required. The new tests will first be administered in September 2018. Utah has participated in a multi-state standard setting for each of these tests and has set a preliminary passing score for each test based on feedback by Utah educators in the areas. An individual that has taken and passed the previously approved test prior to 9/1/2018 may be recommended for the indicated licensure. If an individual takes the test after that date, they must take the new test.


Test Number:

Replacing Test:

Test Name:

Required for:

Qualifying Score:

Score Status:



School Leaders Licensure Assessment

(option) Administrative/Supervisory





Education Leadership and Supervision

(option) Administrative/Supervisory




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