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Graduate Faculty

These faculty are eligible to serve on TEAL doctoral committees. Click on a name to read more about a faculty member, view the vitae, and get more information about research interests and assigned courses.

Brian Belland - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
Sarah Braden - Language Education, Ethnography, Discourse Analysis
Steve Camicia - Social Studies
James T. Dorward - Mathematics
Mike Freeman - Educational Leadership
Sheri Haderlie - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
Andrea Hawkman - Social Studies, Qualitative Research, Critical and Racialized Issues in Education
Scott L. Hunsaker - Gifted & Talented/Foundations
Cindy Jones - Literacy/Reading
Suzanne Jones - Motivation and Emotions in Learning, Literacy, Conceptual Change, Collective Efficacy
Shireen Keyl - Foundations, Multicultural Issues in Education, Critical Theory, Anthropology and Education, Education of Women and Girls in a Global Context
Yanghee Kim - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
Ryan Knowles - Social Studies Education, Quantitative Research Methods
Alyson Lavigne - Leadership, Teacher Evaluation, Classroom Observation, Teacher and STudent Motivational Dynamics, Dual Language Education
Rebecca Lawver - Agricultural Education
Victor Lee - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences
Max Longhurst - Professional Development/Learning, Science Education
Kim Lott - Science Education
Beth MacDonald - Early Childhood Mathematics Education
Anne Mackiewicz - Early Childhood Education
Sherry Marx - ESL, Multicultural Issues in Education, Qualitative Methods
Eric Mohr - Secondary Education, Literacy and Curriculum Development
Kathleen Mohr - Language and Literacy Development, English Language Learners
Patricia Moyer-Packenham - Mathematics Education
Amy Piotrowski - Secondary English Education
Nicole Pyle - Adolescent Literacy, Secondary Education
Sylvia Read - Elementary Writing and Children's Literature
Ed Reeve - Technology and Engineering Education
Marla Robertson - Teacher Education, Literacy, Writing, Teacher Professional Development, Qualitative Research Methods
Jessica Shumway - Mathematics Education
Tyson Sorensen - Career & Technical Education
Debra Spielmaker - STEM, Agricultural Literacy, College/Career Awareness, Instructional Learning Sciences
Gary Stewardson - Technology and Engineering Education
Gary Straquadine - Career & Technical Education
Courtney Stewart - School Leadership, Rural and Online Education, Learning Analytics
Colby Tofel-Grehl - Science Education, Mixed Methodologies
Susan Turner - Leadership, Adult Development,m School Improvement, Qualitative Methods
Windi Turner - Career & Technical Education
Andy Walker - Instrucational Technology and Learning Sciences
Brian Warnick - Agricultural Education
Amy Wilson-Lopez - Adolescent Literacy, Engineering Education