Admissions Process for PhD Program

General Application Requirements:

  • The application deadline for the Logan-based C&I Doctoral Program is February 1.
  • The application deadline for Distance Doctoral Cohorts is February 1 of even-numbered years
  • The application process cannot begin without payment of the $55 application fee.  Once the fee is paid, it takes 4-6 weeks for all materials to be processed.  All materials must be processed by February 1.
  • Applicants must show evidence of at least two years of successful teaching experience and have completed a master's degree in education or closely related field (e.g., Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences)
  • Admitted students will matriculate the following fall semester. 
  • Decisions regarding assistantships for full-time, Logan-based doctoral students are generally made in March or April for the following academic year.  Assistantships are limited, and to be considered for an assistantship, applicants must be able to teach undergraduate teacher education courses or work as research assistants.

Checklist for admission:

To apply, carefully follow these directions:

STEP 1: Take the GRE General Test. (Consider taking a GRE prep test.) We require GRE scores at the 40th percentile or higher on both the verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning portions of the test. If you take the computer-based GRE General Test, official scores will be sent approximately 10–15 days after your test date. If you take the paper-based test, your official scores will be sent within six weeks after your test date.
Registration and testing sites are available online here:

STEP 2: Solicit letters of recommendation from three people who can evaluate your academic potential in a doctoral program. You need their consent and their email addresses, which you will enter into the electronic application system. They will receive an email with directions for how to log in and submit their recommendations for you.

STEP 3: Have official transcripts from all institutions of higher education that you have attended sent directly to:
USU School of Graduate Studies
900 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322

STEP 4: Complete the electronic USU Graduate School Application (
• Under Planned Choice of Study, select “Education: Curriculum and Instruction” for the choice of study.

• Under Enrollment Information, select “College of Education.”

• Under Additional Information: Write a 700 to 900-word essay. Compose the essay in a separate document to develop your ideas and then cut and paste it into your School of Graduate Studies Application. You will also submit this separately to the Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program (see below), so save this file elsewhere.

In your essay, state whether you are applying for the Logan-based Doctoral Program or for a Distance Doctoral Cohort. If you are applying for a Distance Doctoral Cohort, state at which site you wish to take classes: (Price/CEU; Uintah Basin; St. George; Cedar City; Monticello; Blanding; Heber City; Tooele; Orem; Kaysville; Richfield; Moab). If you would be able to drive to either of two sites (e.g., Monticello or Blanding), please state that as well.

There are two departments who participate in the Interdepartmental C & I Doctoral Program, the School of Teacher Education Leadership and Applied Science Technology and Education. Please state with which department you wish to be affiliated.

Explain why you want to pursue doctoral study. What are your career goals? How will attaining a doctoral degree support those goals?

Identify your particular academic interests as they relate to Curriculum and Instruction. What strengths do you bring to the program?

Specify which of our faculty members we might assign as your temporary chair. Look at faculty vitae to explore the research interests of current faculty who mentor students in the Curriculum and Instruction doctoral program. We encourage you to contact faculty and discuss your research interests in order to establish whether or not the program is a good fit for you.

Include information about your personal and professional experiences (including, for example, defining moments, challenges, hardships overcome) that have led you to your current academic interests.

Cite one or more scholars, theorists, or philosophers who have influenced your thinking. Describe the contributions you hope to make as a result of obtaining a doctoral degree.

STEP 5: Send the following to:
Krista Terrell, 2805 Old Main Hill, USU, Logan, Utah 84322-2805 or email
• An up-to-date vitae or resume that summarizes academic and employment history. Because we require two years of teaching experience for admission, your vita/resume must include information detailing your teaching experience (please include dates & grade levels).
• A separate copy of the essay (700-900 words) already submitted with your Graduate School Application, described above.
• Distance Doctoral Cohort Program applicants must also submit a Declaration of Commitment form.

Application questions should be addressed to Krista Terrell.

What we're looking for when we review your file:

A strong file should meet or exceed the application requirements, contain evidence of two years successful teaching experience, and identify research goals that align with our program concentrations (i.e., Instructional Leadership, Mathematics Education and Leadership or Literacy Leadership) and faculty member interests. Applications not complete within one year are closed and the applicant will need to reapply, unless an extension is requested and approved. Please contact us if you need an extension.

Contact Information

Program Staff Assistant: Krista Terrell | | 435-797-1473

Program Director: Dr. Kathleen Mohr | | 435-797-3946

School of Teacher Education and Leadership
2805 Old Main Hill
Utah State University
Logan, UT 84322-2805