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At Utah State University, the capstone project for all teacher education students is the professional portfolio.

In the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, students are required to create their portfolio using Canvas.

Video 1: Creating Your Portfolio Presentation (overview of the portfolio)

Video 2: Teaching portfolio tutorial for Canvas (technical how-to)

Video 3: Using the commenting tool

Creating Your Portfolio Presentation (PowerPoint slides of the overview)

Required vs. optional outcomes to address in portfolio

Photo/Video Permission Slip

Sample Portfolios--Elementary Education

Jessica Vehar--ELED/SPED

Tiffany Kinder

Jordan Kidd

Sample Portfolios--Secondary Education

Shawn Oviatt--Math

Kamil Harrison--History

Armando Porras--Spanish, ESL, and Psychology

Kellen Tew--Music

Matt Knorr--Science

Sarah Stringham--English

Saige Millsap--Fine Arts

If you have questions about the portfolio, please contact:

Dr. Sylvia Read, School of TEAL |