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Admission Requirements and Application Instructions

All of the information below is on this page so you can print it.

Questions about the Teacher Education Writing Exam please email

Admission Criteria

Complete the following core courses or have ACT waive. You must submit ACT scores in order to use an ACT score for admission.

Speech and Hearing Test results - Take this test immediately and keep the sheet with the results until you submit your application for admission to Teacher Education. The sheet is your only record of completing the screening. Speech-Language-Hearing screenings will be offered 4-6 hours per week during weeks 3-15 every Fall and Spring semester in the Lillywhite Building (COMD). Sign-up at:, then click on CEHS Speech and Hearing. A $5 fee will be applied to your Banner account. Passing this test is not a requirement for admission, however students with identified problems in speech and/or hearing are referred to the Disability Resource Center for services. The test results should be attached to the Application Form.

College of Education Writing Exam results - Do this as soon as possible. Take the Teacher Education Writing Exam in the Young Education Technology Center during weeks 1-5 of each semester. All questions regarding the exam should be directed to the Office of the Associate Dean for Education, Room 130 Jones Education Building, phone (435) 797-1443. A $5 fee will be applied to your Banner account.

Transcript of Credits. Currently enrolled students must provide a USU transcript; graduate and/or transfer students must provide transcripts from institutions previously attended. Transcripts serve to verify the completion of 30 semester credits of approved course work with a minimum total GPA of 3.00. The total GPA is the number farthest to the right.

ACT Scores or passing of Praxis content area exam in major (attach copy). A minimum composite ACT score of 21. A minimum English score of 20 and a minimum Math score of 19. ACT scores may be accessed on banner or documentation is required.

Criminal Background Check - You will do this one semester before you submit your application to Teacher Education. The application for the Criminal Background Check is now completed online. The website address is You must include a copy of your email from the Utah State Office of Education stating your background check has cleared.