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Student of the Month


October 2018

Sarah SaundersSarah Saunders

Sarah was nominated for her work by Dr. Colby Tofel-Grehl

Sarah prepared and lead the training for a dozen teachers to improve curricular materials for engaging science teachers in computing. She built entirely novel curricular guides for teachers that will serve about 800 students across the state.

Alison KrebsAlison Krebs

Alison Krebs was nominated for her work by Marian Canfield

Alison serves as a student teacher in a 4th Grade at White Pine Elementary School. Her mentor teacher recognizes her for being hard working and energetic. The mentor teachers says that Alison is an excellent educator.

Kimber LearKimber Lear

Kimber was nominated for her work by Stu Baggaley

Kimber, as a student teacher, was in charge of all English/Language Arts instruction and did an amazing job with the students while learning much about herself and teaching. Her mentor teachers says she is a pleasure to work with.

 Sierra ZollingerSierra Zollinger

Sierra was nominated for her work by Susanna Bortz

Sierra, as a student teacher, has a growth mindset. This desire to learn and improve is seen in every aspect of her work. She willingly embraces challenges, eagerly seeks insight, and continually sees new possibilities.