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News and Announcements
Suzanne Jones and her colleagues in the Netherlands, have published an article in the premier international journal, Learning and Instruction, Vol. 38. The article examines problem-based learning, cognitive engagement, as facilitators of conceptual change.
Suzanne Jones has co-authored a paper in a top-ranked educational psychology journal, Contemporary Educational Psychology, Vol. 42. The study investigated a theoretical model between motivation, attention allocation, and cognitive engagement on conceptual change.
This year, TEAL is saying goodbye to several TEAL faculty members who will be greatly missed. Dr. Laura Foley & Dr. Deborah Byrnes retired from USU's School of Teacher Education and Leadership and both Dr. Ray Reutzel and Dr. Nicole Pyle are moving onto positions at other Universities. Dr. Reutzel to Wyoming and Dr. Pyle to San Diego. They will all be greatly missed. TEAL also said goodbye to several staff members at the end of the semester: Shelly Wiegand, Mary Bedingfieldsmith and Vesna Jenkins.