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Graduate Program Assessment Plan

The master’s degree programs culminate in an exit paper and oral interview conducted by graduate faculty members. The results are reviewed periodically to provide feedback to the program (see Data-Based Decisions).

Soon a master’s degree program committee will be reviewing the core courses and creating programs of study specific to areas of concentration (e.g., reading, gifted and talented, English as a second language, mathematics, etc.).

The doctoral degree program requires an approved Program of Study and conducts an Annual Review for every student to determine if the student is making satisfactory progress in the program. The Comprehensive Examination, which students take after completion of coursework, is scored by a minimum of three graders. The dissertation committee, consisting of five members, including one from outside the department, oversees the quality of the dissertation process. Prior to successful completion of the program, students are also required to present at a peer-reviewed conference and submit a manuscript to a peer-reviewed journal.

Currently, a doctoral program taskforce is reviewing the current doctoral programs with the goal of revising the program in terms of coursework for the Ed.D. vs. the Ph.D., reframing the capstone dissertation project, and language that will guide students to the appropriate program for their career goals.