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Parker Fawson

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School of Teacher Education & Leadership

EEJ Endowed Chair in Early Education, Director of Center for the School of the Future


Contact Information

Office Location: ECERC 321
DialPhone: (435) 797-0240

Educational Background

EDD, Elementary Education, (Reading/Language Arts), Brigham Young University, 1989
Operationalizing the Salience Imbalance Hypothesis: Effect of Semantic Feature Analysis on Their-Graders' Metaphorical Comprehension
Med, Educational Leadership, Brigham Young University, 1986
BA, Elementary Education, (Science/German), Weber State College, 1983


Fawson has taught k-6 early in his career and had served as faculty member, Department Chair, and Dean. He directs the Center for the School of the Future at USU.

Teaching Interests

Early Literacy<br>Reading Motivation<br>Literacy Professional Development<br>Learning Innovation and Improvement<br>Effective School Leadership

Research Interests

Early Literacy<br>Reading Comprehension<br>Reading Motivation<br>Effective Literacy Learning Systems<br>Effective School Leadership<br>Education Systems Improvement<br>Global Teacher Education

Publications - Abstracts

    Publications - Books & Book Chapters

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        Publications - Curriculum

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          Publications - Journal Articles

            Academic Journal

          • Fawson, P.C, Reutzel, D.R, Read, S.R, Smith, J., Moore, S., (2009). The influence of differing the paths to an incentive on third-graders’ reading achievement and attitudes. . Reading Psychology, 30:6, 564-583.
          • Reutzel, D.R, Read, S.R, Fawson, P.C, (2009). Using information trade books as models for teaching expository text structure to improve children’s reading comprehension: An action research project. Journal of Reading Education, 35:1, 31-38.
          • Read, S.R, Reutzel, D.R, Fawson, P.C, (2008). Do you want to know what I learned? Using informational trade books as models to teach text structure. Early Childhood Education Journal36, 213-219.
          • Professional Journal

          • Reutzel, D.R, Dole, J.A, Read, S.R, Fawson, P.C, Herman, K., Jones, C.D, Sudweeks, R., Fargo, J., (2011). Conceptually and methodologically vexing issues in teacher knowledge assessment.. Reading & Writing Quarterly.27, 1-30.

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                  Scheduled Teaching

                  ELED 5150 - Student Teaching Elementary, Spring 2020

                  TEAL 7323 - Literacy Education Teacher Training and Development, Spring 2019

                  Graduate Students Mentored

                  Eric Campbell, School of Teacher Education & Leadership, July 2019 2020