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Graduate Faculty

The following faculty are eligible to serve on doctoral committees. To read more about faculty, view their vita, and get more detail on their research interests and classes that they typically teach, check the Faculty Directory on the TEAL website.

Sarah Braden - Language Education, Ethnography, Discourse Analysis

Steve Camicia - Social Studies 

Parker Fawson - Early Literacy, Teacher Education, Education Policy and Innovation

Sheri Haderlie - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Andrea Hawkman - Social Studies, Qualitative Research, Critical and Racialized Issues in Education, Whiteness Studies

Scott L. Hunsaker - Gifted & Talented/Foundations

Cindy Jones - Literacy, Reading and Writing, Literacy Clinic

Suzanne Jones - Motivation and Emotions in Learning, Literacy, Conceptual Change, Collective Efficacy

Shireen Keyl - Foundations, Multicultural Issues in Education, Critical Theory, Anthropology and Education, Education of Women and Girls in a Global Context

Ryan Knowles - Social Studies Education, Quantitative Research Methods

Alyson Lavigne - Leadership, Teacher Evaluation, Classroom Observation, Teacher and Student Motivational Dynamics, Dual Language Education

Rebecca Lawver - Agricultural Education

Victor Lee - Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences

Greg Lewis - Instructional Leadership

Max Longhurst - Professional Development/Learning, Science Education

Kimberly Lott - Science Education

Beth MacDonald - Early Childhood and Elementary Mathematics Education

Sherry Marx - ESL, Multicultural Issues in Education, Qualitative Research Methods, Teacher Research

Eric Mohr - Secondary Education, Literacy and Curriculum Development

Kathleen Mohr - Language and Literacy Development, English Language Learners, Classroom Discourse

Diana Moss - Mathematics Education

Patricia Moyer-Packenham - Mathematics Education

Blake Nemelka - University Administration, Student Affairs

Amy Piotrowski - Secondary English Education, 21st Century Literacies, Digital Literacies, Young Adult Literature

Nicole Pyle - Adolescent Literacy, Secondary Education, Intervention Research

Sylvia Read - Elementary Writing, Children's Literature, Content Area Reading & Writing

Ed Reeve - Technology and Engineering Education

Marla Robertson - Teacher Education, Literacy, Writing

Kortney Sherbine - Literacy, Childhood Studies, Qualitative Research, Critical Theory

Jessica Shumway - Early Childhood and Elementary Mathematics Education, STEM

Tyson Sorensen - Career & Technical Education

Debra Spielmaker - STEM, Agricultural Literacy, College/Career Awareness, Instructional Learning Sciences

Gary Stewardson - Technology and Engineering Education

Gary Straquadine - Career & Technical Education

Mario I. Suárez - Queer Studies, Equity, STEM Persistence, Curriculum Studies, Quantitative Research Methods

Amanda Taggart - Educational Leadership, Instructional and Cultural Leadership, Social Justice

Colby Tofel-Grehl - Science Education, Mixed Methodologies

Windi Turner - Career & Technical Education

Andy Walker - Instrucational Technology and Learning Sciences

Brian Warnick - Agricultural Education, STEM Integration, Career & Technical Education

Amy Wilson-Lopez - Adolescent Literacy