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Cultural Studies in Education PhD

The Cultural Studies concentration in Teacher Education and Leadership is an interdisciplinary program that examines social, cultural, philosophical, and historical issues in education and society. The critical nature of this program gives attention to race, gender, class, language, sexuality, and ability in the contexts of schooling, culture, and society. In the USU Cultural Studies program, students examine perspectives on equity, marginalization, privilege, and power from a variety of disciplines including Education, Sociology, Information Technology and Learning Sciences, and Special Education. This broad approach enables doctoral students to apply various perspectives on Cultural Studies to their analyses of students, education, and schooling in local and global contexts. TEAL Cultural Studies faculty have expertise in Anthropology, History, Social Studies, Language, Linguistics, and Literacy, as well as qualitative and quantitative research methodologies.

Given its interdisciplinary nature, the Cultural Studies concentration in Teacher Education and Leadership consists of 15 credits in Cultural Studies course work taken across the USU campus and 9 credits of electives. Because of its rigorous nature, 12 credits of research course work are required in addition to 12 credits in Curriculum and Instruction. Presently, this concentration is only available to students on the Logan campus.

For application guidelines and hints, please click here.

Cultural Studies Concentration Planning Guide.

Cultural Studies Coordinator: Sherry Marx, 435-797-2227, 

You can also contact any Cultural Studies faculty member and learn more about them and their research through the links to the right.