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Alternative Route to Licensure

Alternative Route to Licensure was a program created and managed by the Utah State Board of Education to provide post-baccalaureates the opportunity to earn their teaching license. In the past, the Utah State Board of Education partnered with Utah State University to offer pedagogy courses for Secondary Education licensure. However, the Utah State Board of Education is no longer accepting new applicants to their Alternative Route to Licensure program; therefore, we no longer admit students to the Master's degree program combined with the Alternative Route to Licensure. 

However, you can take classes as a non-degree seeking graduate student that will help you become a better teacher or you can apply to the School of Graduate Studies and seek a Master's of Education (M.Ed.) degree in Curriculum and Instruction. There are two program guides to follow, listed here.

Elementary Pedagogy
Secondary Pedagogy

To apply, follow the guidelines here. USU offers coursework to nearly every county in Utah via interactive broadcast. For more information, contact Tayler Mountford. 

Tayler Mountford
(435) 797-4230