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Early Childhood Endorsement

Early Childhood Graduate Level Endorsement Program

A minimum of 16 hours is required to meet the Early Childhood Endorsement guidelines of the Utah State Office of Education. This endorsement is added to a basic state license in elementary education. Individuals entering the endorsement program must already hold an elementary education teaching license. Completion of the program allows licensed elementary teachers to teach at the kindergarten level.

Courses are available during regular and summer semesters and include an applied early childhood practicum in approved settings.

Early Childhood Master’s Degree Emphasis

The 16 credits of Early Childhood courses as outlined here may be used as an emphasis area in the various master’s programs offered in the program of Elementary Education, School of Teacher Education and Leadership (TEAL). The Master of Education (M.Ed.), Master of Arts (M.A.), and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees are offered. The courses may be used as part of the required courses, professional options and/or supporting coursework in the various programs. Individuals interested in this option must apply for formal admission to the Utah State University School of Graduate Studies.

USBE Application

TEAL 6260 Supervised Practicum in Early Childhood Education – 2 credits (*Required)

TEAL 6220 Early Childhood Symposium – 2 credits
TEAL 6220 CORE Academy Workshop (Kindergarten session)—2 credits
TEAL 6230 Evidence-based Literacy Instruction for K-6 Learners - 3 credits

TEAL 6000 Utah NAME Conference – 1 credit
TEAL 6020 Foundation and Change in Early Childhood – 3 credits

TEAL 6100 Motivation & Management in Inclusive Settings – 3 credits (*Required)

FCHD 6500 Topical Seminar in Childhood: Young Children’s Early School Experiences – 2-3 credits
FCHD 6520 Early Childhood – 3 credits
FCHD 6500 Topical Seminar in Childhood: Advanced Early Childhood Development – 3 credits

TEAL 6350 Reading Assessment and Intervention – 3 credits (*Required)

NOTE: You will need to take the Praxis (ECE CONTENT 0022) before you can receive your Early Childhood Endorsement