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K-3 License Area

The Utah State Board of Education application for adding an Early Childhood (K-3) License to an existing Elementary (1-8) License requires the following:

The K-3 License application is only for those who currently hold a current Utah Educator License with an Elementary (1-8) License in the state of Utah, and wish to be licensed to teach kindergarten. When the requirements are completed and approved, the applicant will be awarded an Early Childhood (K-3) license through the Utah State Board of Education. This license allows one to teach kindergarten in Utah.

This process is NOT under the Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) Program. The application is submitted to the Educator Licensing office where it is logged and sent to the Early Childhood Specialist for review and approval.

The K-3 License application can be found at:

Below are the requirements to apply for K-3 licensure. The courses listed below are the graduate classes offered at Utah State University that meet the requirements for K-3 licenseure.

The following USU courses may be used if completed as an undergraduate within ten years of applying for the license. (Minimum C grade required.)

  • ELED 3100 Classroom Reading Instruction (meets requirement 2)
  • FCHD 2600 Seminar in Early Childhood Education (meets requirement 3)
  • FCHD 2630 Practicum in Early Childhood Education (meets requirement 3)
  • ELED 4480 Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten through Grade 3 (meets requirement 4)

Requirement 1. Praxis 5025

  • Take the Early Childhood Education (ECE) Praxis 5025. Passing Score—156. By law, all licenses and endorsements must include a passing score on an approved content exam. For more information, please visit the Praxis website at

Requirement 2. Early Literacy Course

  • Prior to Fall 2017: USU - TEAL 6230 Standards and Evidence-Based Literacy Instruction for K-6 Learners
  • Beginning Fall 2017: TEAL 6235 Instructional Implications of Literacy Development

Requirement 3. Early Childhood Development or an Early Childhood Education Methods Course

  • TEAL 6020 Foundations and Change in Early Childhood

Requirement 4. Kindergarten Curriculum Course

  • ELED 4480 Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten through Grade 3
  • FCHD 6500 Topical Seminar in Childhood: Advanced Early Childhood Development
  • FCHD 6520 Development in Childhood

Requirement 5. Early Childhood Education Assessment Course

  • TEAL 6350 Reading Assessment and Intervention

Course listings can be found under the “Registration” link on the following site: