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Professional Anchor Options

As part of your education for Utah State University, you are required to take 21 credits of Professional Anchor courses. You may choose an Endorsement, Enlightenment, Enhancement and EMPowerment emphasis. Additional courses will be required at the graduate level for each endorsement.


ESL Endorsement
TEAL 5710     Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners
This course explores social, cultural, and political factors impacting the education of English language learners. Students examine instructional and social issues related to ESL students/families and schools. (3 credits)

TEAL 5735     Language Systems, Acuisition, and Instruction for English Learners
This course examines major concepts, theories, and researh in second language acquisition and literacy in the classroom. These explorations address how to create classrooms that foster linguistically rich environments that promote culturally responsive and effective teaching for English language learners. (3 credits)

Elementary Math Endorsement
TEAL 5521     Mathematics for Teaching K-8: Numbers and Operations
This course for prospective teachers covers the content of numbers and operations to develop a comprehensive understanding of our number system and relate its structure to computation, arithmetic, algebra, and problem-solving. (3 credits)

TEAL 5523     Mathematics for Teaching K-8: Algebraic Reasoning
This course provides prospective teachers a deeper understanding of algebraic expressions, equations, functions, real numbers, and instructional strategies to facilitate the instruction of this content for elementary students. (3 credits)

Gifted Endorsement
TEAL 5420     Education of Gifted and Talented Learners
Students learn multiple perspectives on giftedness including characteristics and needs of gifted individuals and an overview of services for gifted learners. (2 credits)

TEAL 5430     Practicum: Individual Case Study 
Supervised study of individual gifted child of student's choice. Corequisite of TEAL 5420.(1 credit)

TEAL 5450     Social and Emotional Needs of Gifted and Talented Learners
Explores social and emotional needs of gifted and talented learners (e.g., asynchrony, perfectionism, underachievement), as well as appropriate educational responses to those needs. (2 credits)

TEAL 5455     Practicum: Gifted Social and Emotional Needs Application
Application of appropriate educaiton al responses to social.emotional needs of gifted learners. Corequisite of TEAL 5450. (1 credit)

Reading Endorsement
TEAL 5235     Instructional Implications for Literacy Development
This course is designed to provide teachers with an instructional framework for understanding literacy acquisition for K-12 students. Teachers increase their knowledge and skill in applying instructional practices that support students' literacy learning.         
(3 credits)

TEAL 5390     Teaching with Literature and Informational Text
This course focuses on selcting literature and informational texts to support standards-based language arts and content area instruction. Students learn strategies for strengthening comprehension, building academic language, and selecting texts that represent the cultures and ethnicities represented in U.S. schools. (3 credits)

STEM Endorsement
TEAL 5205     Nature of Science and Engineering for Teachers
This course introduces prospective teachers to the nature of science using science and engineering principles, practices, and processes. Students explore major stances on the nature of science and engineering through experiences with practical classroom applications. (3 credits)

TEAL 5215     Energy in STEM Education for Elementary Teachers
This course provides prospective teachers with a deep and meaningful understanding of energy and ways in which elementary students use concepts of energy to make sense of phenomena across life, earth, and physical science. (3 credits)


Research Option
USU 4900     Undergraduate Research
Research experience pursued with a faculty mentor. Prior to registration, student must make arrangements with a faculty mentor within his or her department. (1-3 credits)

TEAL 6545     Research for Classroom Teachers
Assists teachers in applying measurement issues and research methods to classroom problems; in locating, interpreting, and using research reports; and in writing research-related papers on teaching. (3 credits)


Please refer to your PCR or advisor for course listings and additional information.


Early Master's program - see advisor for additional information.