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Elementary Field Experiences

Welcome to the Office of Field Experiences. Student teaching is the capstone experience to the teacher education program at Utah State University. The experience provides students with the opportunity to implement many of the strategies and techniques they have learned about in their professional course work.

Student teachers operate in at least two major roles during their student teaching semester. First, they are students, because they are acquiring recognized attitudes and skills which are generally accepted as contributing to a teacher’s success in the classroom. Second, they are teachers, because they are planning experiences for and directing the learning activities of others.

Student teaching has long been identified as one of the most important components in teacher education. It is during this period that student teachers begin their transition from university student to professional teacher. This transition requires the coordinated efforts of many individuals including university faculty, school district personnel, school building administrators, mentor teachers, and university supervisors.

The key to a successful student teaching experience is to keep the line of communication open. It is the goal of this office to help future Elementary Education teachers through communication, guidance, counsel, and support. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions you have about student teaching.

Anita Shuman
Assistant Director of Field Experiences
Education Bldg Room 330F
Phone 435.797-0371