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Praxis and OPI Information


Every student MUST PASS the Praxis exam in his/her major content area prior to applying for student teaching.

If his/her minor content area is a NCLB* subject, every student MUST at least TAKE the appropriate Praxis exam prior to applying for student teaching. If a student doesn’t pass before, we highly recommend he/she take it again during the student teaching semester; otherwise, licensing is delayed.

* NCLB subjects are math, all sciences, all arts, English, reading, foreign languages, history, geography, government (including political science) and economics.

Check ETS website ( so you know which exam(s) to take and when, leaving yourself enough of a window to retake if necessary!

NOTE: Not all exams are offered every testing period! Plan WAY ahead.

Costs of Praxis exams vary; most will be between $120 and $150. Language tests cost more as they have a verbal component.

In addition to the content Praxis test(s), every student will also need to pass the Praxis test called Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) to move from a Level 1 teaching license (new teacher – first 3 years) to a Level 2 (regular teacher – 3+ years). Take the secondary level test, i.e., grades 7 – 12. We suggest you do this prior to, during, or just after student teaching as you have just studied the material on it. We understand that it is quite challenging; however, most students pass on first attempt.Be certain to study before taking Praxis exams!

While you may purchase study materials from ETS, you can generally check them out from your department for your content area. In those cases where study materials are not available, ask your advisor for ideas.

  • is a great site to use when studying for Praxis exams. Input Praxis number and site will generate study materials.
  • Study materials for PLT and social studies are available from Lisa Wallin in Education Advising Office (EDU 373).
  • If you receive financial aid, there are some fee waivers available. They are limited, and an individual may only receive one. Search Praxis site using “fee waiver” as key words.

NOTE: Be strategic when using waiver. As each student has at least 2 Praxis exams to take, use it on most expensive!

About your Praxis results . . .

You are notified by e-mail that your Praxis exam results are available to you, usually within 2 – 4 weeks of taking exam. Check spam; sometimes the message goes there! When you receive ETS’s message (or periodically after you take an exam), log into your Praxis account to see if they are available.

Be aware:

  • Although ETS indicates it will send results to university, USU does not generally get them! So, get a copy of your results to us in the Office of Field Experience as soon as you can!
  • Results are only available for a limited amount of time; retrieve them promptly. Print out a hard copy AND save an electronic copy, as you will need Praxis results for several things – student teaching application, licensing packet, initial teaching license (Level 1), 1st teaching license renewal (Level 2) . . . .

If you do not save copies, ETS will charge you $40 if you ever need to get them after the period they are posted on your account! BUT, if you get a copy to us and then lose your copy, we’ll be happy to make you a copy for nothing!


All students with foreign language majors and minors MUST PASS the Oral Proficiency Inter-view (OPI) with a minimum proficiency rating of Advanced Low on the ACTFL scale prior to admission to secondary education program. Students interested in pursuing the Dual Language Immersion (DLI) endorsement MUST PASS with a minimum rating of Advanced Mid on the OPI. For additional information, please contact Suzann Winn (

 New OPI Test Instructions

Please review all of the information on this page and on the NEW OPI Test Instructions page. If you have additional questions, please contact:
Suzann Winn