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Secondary Education (SCED)

Welcome to the Secondary Teacher Education Program (STEP) at Utah State University, Logan, Utah. In accordance with the mission statement of the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, we research, teach, lead, and serve in partnership with other stakeholders in the educational process and we continually evaluate our research, teaching, leadership, and service to ensure their relevance and effectiveness. Our undergraduate and graduate programs offer preparation and continuing professional development for teachers, supervisors, curriculum specialists, and other professional personnel pursuing careers in middle and high school settings. We partner with 22 departments across the USU campus to provide excellent teacher education preparation for students interested in combining their passion for particular academic disciplines with teaching. Considering a career in middle school or secondary education? Planning to complete a graduate degree in education? Contact us!

SCED Student Information

STEP Program Admissions

Student Policies

TEAL Course Repeat Policy - qualifications and process for repeating/retaking a course.

Student Professional Expectations - procedures for instructors to follow if a student's performance is not meeting professional expectations.

Student of the Month - criteria and procedures for instructors to nominate a Student of the Month.

Background Clearance - process for obtaining and submitting your background check.

Praxis Information

Praxis Review Secondary Education:

The required Praxis test and cut score varies by teaching major.

For a list of Secondary Education PRAXIS exams please go to

Note: All SCED degree program students must pass their required content test before student teaching.

Incoming Freshman

Whether you are still considering coming to USU, or have plans to come in the near future, we want you to know that we look forward to helping you become the best teacher you can be. Our program for teacher licensure is nationally accredited, and our teachers are sought after by school districts around the region and beyond. Teacher education programs vary among universities, so we want you to know how it works at USU and help you get off to a great start.

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Transfer Student Information

USU has articulation agreements with many institutions that make transfers very smooth. There are a few additional things to think about when you plan to graduate with Secondary Teacher Licensure.

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Persons with Degrees Information

Utah State University has a teacher licensure program for persons with degrees. You may also qualify for a Second Bachelor's Degree after you complete Teacher Licensure. You may complete the teacher licensure program at Logan or the statewide campuses.

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Alternative Route to Licensure (ARL)

Alternative Route to Licensure is a program created and managed by the Utah State Board of Education to provide post-baccalaureates the opportunity to earn their teaching license. The Utah State Office of Education has partnered with Utah State University to offer pedagogy courses for Secondary Education licensure. However, the ARL license option is being discontinued by the Utah State Office of Education.


Tayler Mountford
(435) 797-4230

SCED Program Information

Exploring a Career in SCED

Although many students plan to become secondary teachers from the moment they enter college, some of us begin to consider a career in teaching much later. In fact, people with many years or decades of work experience in other fields are now considering returning to a teaching career. We hope the following information will help you decide whether a teaching career is for you. We will also provide sources of information about teaching majors and minors that are offered through USU.

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STEP Course Structure

The three levels of the Secondary Teacher Education program for teacher licensure are offered during Spring and Fall Semesters only, in order to provide the required clinical experiences in the public schools. Each level must be completed before advancing to the next level. All STEP courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C while maintaining an overall cumulative 3.00 GPA.

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Social Studies Composite Teaching Major

The Social Studies Composite Teaching Major is available for persons who have at least a 3.0 career GPA, will complete the Secondary Teacher Licensure Program, and wish to be endorsed for multiply subjects within the Social Sciences. The Social Studies Composite major gives students a Secondary Education Teaching endorsement in History, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, and Political Science. 

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Pedagogical Performance Assessment

At Utah State University, students must take a Pedagogical Performance Assessment in order to be recommended for professional licensure. Beginning in Fall 2021, the Utah State Board of Education has determined that the cut score for this test will be 36 out of 60.

USU has adopted the PPAT to meet this requirement. For complete information, click here.

SCED Major & Minor Advisor List

  Approved Teaching Majors     

  Office of Field Experiences  

For more information, contact our Advisement Office:

TEAL Advising
Hours 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
Location EDUC 373
Phone 435.797.0391