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Student of the Month

May 2020

Courtney Finnerty  Courtney Finnerty

   Courtney was nominated by Nancy Allen

   Courtney, as a student teacher, knows the content, gives expectations, gives verbal and non-verbal cues, as well as has good           pacing to keep students engaged and on task.


Rachel Singer  Rachel Singer

   Rachel was nominated by Dr. Sarah Braden

   Rachel, as an ESL Endorsement student, developed curriculum to support EL studnets' bilingual and bicultural identities, leading       her to request and gain a Spanish for Spanish Speakers class at her Jr. High.


Aubrey Mayers  Aubrey Mayers

   Aubrey was nominated by Kelli Babbit

   Aubrey, as a student teacher, handles student struggles and conflict with high professionalism, proving that she will do well with         classroom management in her own classroom in the future.



Gabrielle Barton  Gabrielle Barton

   Gabrielle was nominated by Dr. Diana Moss

   Gabrielle, as a student teacher, is reflective - making adjustments to her instruction based based on feedback - and deeply cares     about her students' learning.

Jennifer Bailey  Jennifer Bailey

   Jennifer was nominated by Dr. Sarah Hadsell

   Jennifer volunteered to help her mentor teacher over the summer, working hard and going the extra mile. This pattern continued       during student teaching.






Jennifer Stevenson  Jennifer Stevenson

   Jennifer was nominated by Jessica Shumway

   Jennifer, in her ELED 4062 course, thoroughly reads course materials, takes time to thoughtfully consider ideas, and makes               connections across topics.



Kayleigh Atwood  Kayleigh Atwood

   Kayleigh was nominated by Debbie Lee

   Kayleigh, as a student teacher, is willing to step outside of her comfort zone to do anything asked of her. She is able to learn so         quickly and sees everything going on in the classroom.



Maci Jonart  Maci Jonart

   Maci was nominated by Dr. Max Longhurst

   Maci, as an ELED 4020 UTF, took the intitiative to email students in the course to remind them of assignments and to offer                 support to help prepare.



Makensey Womack  Makensey Womack

   Makensey was nominated by Roger Bailey

   Makensey, as a student teacher, has created a classroom environment with high expectations while creating safety for each             student to share ideas, learn, and grow.



Tyler Lynch  Tyler Lynch

   Tyler was nominated by Stu Baggaley and Marlow Viehweg

   Tyler, as a student teacher, kept the ball rolling in the classroom while his mentor teacher accompanied students on a river trip           down the San Juan River, and he excelled.



Becky Cowley  Becky Cowley

   Becky was nominated by Dr. Emma Mecham

   Becky, as a TEAL 3000 student, has provided written and spoken reflections in class that demonstrate a high level of                           understanding and an ability to make purposeful connections across domains of knowledge and context.



Nikki Brown  Nikki Brown

   Nikki was nominated by Dr. Emma Mecham

   Nikki, as a TEAL 3000 student, participates in class in ways that consistently represent thoughtful preparation and deep                       engagement.