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Student of the Month

February 2018

Toryn CoombsToryn Coombs

Toryn was nominated for her work in level 2 by Emma Maughan

Toryn Coombs written work about her Level II practicum experience is exceptionally thoughtful, thorough and insightful. She ponders causality and impacts of observable classroom conditions at a high level.

January 2018

Taylor Horrocks

Taylor was nominated for her work as an intern with Terra Academy.

I can only imagine how miserable I would be if I didn't try to bridge ties with my student and find out what can alleviate his frustration. I have learned that being a teacher is more about being a decent human being, than someone who simply reiterates information.


Rebekah CroftRebekah Croft

Rebekah was nominated for her work as a student teacher.

When her Mentor Teacher suffered a family death, Rebekah showed compassion, professionalism, and commitment as the consistent adult in the classrooom while substitutes rotated in and out for several weeks.


Annelise EvansAnnelise Evans

Annelise was nominated for her work as a ELED 1010 Undergraduate Teaching Fellow.

Annelise has been our Praxis study coordinator for a year and, in that time, has taken it upon herself not only to teach the sessions but to update and improve the lessons provided.

Daphne DavisDaphne Davis

Daphne was nominated for her work in ELED 3000.

Daphne has turned in work of excellent quality demonstrating thoughtful articulation of complex ideas and an ability to make connections across contexts and perspectives. Her final paper, on bell hooks, was an artful analysis of the scholar's work and legacy.