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Teacher Work Sample

Student teachers in the elementary and secondary education programs complete a teacher work sample as the culminating project for the program. A teacher work sample is a set of 3-5 lessons for one subject in one grade level along with background information, assessment data, and a reflection on the data and the lessons. A description of the teacher work sample, a template, and a scoring rubric are provided in the links below.

In addition, below are examples of teacher work samples that can serve as models of proficient work.

Teacher Work Sample Guidelines—Elementary
Teacher Work Sample Template—Elementary

Teacher Work Sample Guidelines—Secondary
Teacher Work Sample Template—Secondary

Teacher Work Sample Rubric

ELED Exemplars

Art and Math 3rd grade
Science 1st grade
Science 2nd grade
Science 5th grade
Science and Language Arts 2nd grade
Science and Social Studies 2nd grade
Science and Writing 2nd grade
Social Studies and Language Arts 3rd grade
Social Studies and Reading/Writing 2nd grade
Social Studies and ELA 3rd grade
Writing 3rd grade
Writing and Science 2nd grade

SCED Exemplars
Math and Stats-Sine Wave
Math and Stats-Solving for for Variables
World Languages-Spanish
Social Studies
Physical Science Composite